Understanding the Concept of Marketing Integration

In order to understand the concept of marketing integration one needs to understand marketing itself.

Harvard professor of business, Theodore Levitt, once said that the purpose of marketing is to “find and keep customers”.

The only way one can achieve this objective is to create a competitive advantage. That is, you must convince buyers and potential customers that what you have to offer them comes closest to meeting their peculiar needs or want at that point in time.

Marketing is a management process through which goods and services move from the sellers to the customers. It includes the coordination of the seven elements called the 7P’s of marketing.

The Themes of Marketing

There are common themes associated with marketing there are;

  1. The ability to satisfy the customers.
  2. The exchange of good and services for payment.
  3. The need to create an edge over competitors
  4. The identification of favorable marketing opportunities.
  5. Profit or financial surpluses to enable a viable future for the organization.
  6. Utilization of the resources.
  7. The aim to increase market share in prioritized markets.

What Then is Marketing Integration?

  • Marketing integration refers to the process of combining different marketing channels and strategies to create a unified approach.
  • it involves integrating marketing approaches such as advertisements, social media, email marketing to make marketing efforts effective.
  • Through the integration of this marketing activities , the marketer can reach his set goals, interacting with their audience building trust and achieving maximum results.
  • This integrating marketing activities are social media, email marketing etc. working together in unity to achieve a set goal. With this, the business can deliver a consistent message to the audience, engage with their audience and achieve better results.
  • Marketing integration is all about putting together different channels In order to act as one body creating impacts and effective overall strategy.
  • In order for a brand or a marketer to deliver an effective and consistent message to the brand he has to integrate this marketing channels and the ability to use them effectively enhances a better result.

Why is Marketing Integration Necessary?

Marketing integration is Necessary for following reasons;

  1. Consistent Messaging: By integrating this channels together, the business will be able to send frequent messages across to the customers, thereby building trust.


  1. Building Relationships: By constantly sending messages to the customers, such a brand will have a long lasting relationship with the business, as they will be loyalty between the brand and the customer,
  1. Understanding Customers Need:

By constantly messages the customers, such a brand will be able to understand the needs of the customers thereby finding possible ways to satisfy those needs.

What are the Various Kinds of Marketing Integration?

There are various kinds of marketing integration that a marketer needs to be acquainted with In order  to communicate effectively with the audience.

They include:

  1. Content integration: This type of integration ensures that the contents in different platforms aligns with the brands messages.


  1. Social media integration: This is the idea of integrating social media marketing with other platforms In order to convey a message to the audience.


  1. Mobile Integration: This has to do with integrating mobile marketing tactics like mobile phones, mobile apps to reach and engage the audience.


  1. Analytic and Measurement Integration: This is the process of measuring the overall performance of the campaigns and marketing strategies through insights.


  1. Offline and Online Integration: This deals with all the online marketing activities like ads, emails to interact with the customers.


  1. Customer integration: This has to do with mapping out the interaction of the customers with the brand and providing ways to enhance improvement.


In conclusion, marketing integration plays a vital role, for businesses aiming to interact frequently with their customers by integrating various channels such as social media, emails, offline and online efforts,with this business can create a long lasting experience.


Integration also extends to analytic integration  ,measuring sales and marketing alignment, mobile optimization, and CRM integration.


By constantly adhering to the various keys of marketing integration and using them affectingly, businesses can enhance their reach, improve customer engagement, driving growth in their revenues .


Marketing integration allows the marketer to create a better approach to interacting with the audience, earning trust and building a long lasting relationship thereby meeting their said goals and succeeding in their various businesses.

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